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Political Outsider. Lifelong New Mexican.

Born in Clovis, New Mexico to second generation dairy farmers, I know a thing or two about the hard work and determination that embodies the spirit of New Mexico. The grit to overcome and challenge in life was something my grandfather brought with him from Holland and passed down to my parents, who raised me to do the same. After attending undergrad at Texas Tech, I returned home in order to attend law school so that I could earn a JD from the University of New Mexico and become legal counsel for my family’s farm.

As a young conservative, I see the amazing potential for New Mexico and get frustrated when our elected officials continue the status quo holding us back. That’s why I’m ready to flip the First Congressional District and bring new leadership to the United States Congress.


New Mexico is full of hardworking families struggling to make ends meet. Skyrocketing healthcare costs limit opportunities for high paying, quality jobs  and New Mexicans need to catch a break. In Congress, I’ll be a champion for our middle class and every hard-working New Mexican who wants something better. I can’t guarantee you everything, but I can guarantee that I will make New Mexican lives easier through long overdue tax cuts for the middle class, slashing crippling healthcare costs, and ensuring New Mexico gets the support we deserve. 


I love New Mexico and want to see our state embody the beautiful and rich history we have to share. I believe our government must play a role in helping those by giving a helping hand, but not to control our lives and our businesses. It’s time to curb burdensome regulations and support small business owners so they can grow and prosper right here in New Mexico. It’s time to reform the systems that are failing us and cut through the bureaucracy to truly bring change to Washington and New Mexico. It’s time to act, and that’s why I am asking you to support me as your voice in Congress.

A Special Place

A Special Place


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