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Providing the Workforce

We must ensure the next generation of engineers, scientists, and tech leaders are ready fill the jobs at Sandia and Los Alamos National Labs. Jared will work with help create public and private partnerships to ensure the workforce of tomorrow is trained and prepared. 

Supporting the Missions of Kirtland

We need a leader who understands the role that New Mexico plays in the security of our nation. Kirtland Air Force Base and other critical military installations throughout the state have important missions that must be protected by the Representative of the First Congressional District. The role of Sandia National Labs to research, development, and national security will continue to play a vital role in the future of New Mexico and the nation. 

Working to Expand & Maintain Their Role 

Jared will be an active member of Congress, seeking opportunities to support the missions of the Kirtland Air Force Base and Sandia National Labs – creating more jobs and opportunities in the Middle Rio Grande Valley. 

Other Issues

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