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Curbing Crime in Middle Rio Grande Valley

We cannot grow a robust and diverse economy without addressing the real crisis our district is facing today: crime. From violent crime to property crime, Albuquerque and the Middle Rio Grande Valley are being overrun by dangerous criminals. As a member of Congress, Jared will secure funding for Albuquerque to recruit and train more police officers. These new officers will implement the latest technology and tactics to prevent crime before it happens. 

Working with local, state, and federal law enforcement, we can overcome the crisis facing our community. This is a critical first step in addressing any other challenges facing the First Congressional District of New Mexico. 

Cut Redundant Regulations

Seeing how burdensome government regulations negatively affected his family’s business, Jared is uniquely prepared to make life easier for small business owners. Job creators have difficult decisions to make and if government continues to impose new regulations or rules that rarely have a real impact, they cannot grow and create opportunity for hardworking New Mexicans. 

Invest in High-Tech Infrastructure

New Mexico has access to incredible high-tech industry leaders, and we are uniquely capable of growing a robust tech industry. Providing high paying jobs and new opportunities for growth, we need to harness the power of tech, research, and development to expand our Albuquerque economy. 

Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

As a member of the generation of new leaders developing fresh ideas, Jared will work with entrepreneurs to develop the workforce and opportunities of tomorrow. Utilizing resources at the local, state, and federal levels, Jared will help new businesses find the resources they need to succeed right here in New Mexico. 

Other Issues

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