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Securing the Southern Border

What Washington politicians rarely remember is that the immigration system and border security are two very different issues. We first must secure the southern border, utilizing the latest and most advanced technology available. Our Border Patrol agents deserve to have our support and gratitude as they work in harsh conditions and under very intense pressure to keep Americans safe. To keep drugs and dangerous elements from crossing our border, we must take action now and recognize the crisis before the situation is irreversible. 

Reforming the Immigration System

After securing the Southern Border, we need to turn our focus to reforming the broken immigration system and recognize the challenges at hand. With millions of undocumented immigrants inside the United States today, we have to think about the families and their role in our society. In Congress, Jared will work with the administration and fellow leaders in the border states to develop a comprehensive policy that solves every aspect of this complex situation.  

Other Issues

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