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Children are our future and we are their voice, so as a member of Congress, Jared will be a champion for life and the unborn. Jared is also pro-adoption, and will work to make adoption as available and streamlined as possible.

Pro-Second Amendment 

Our rights to self-defense and self-preservation shall not be infringed. We have seen Congress and Santa Fe insiders overreach and attempt to limit the rights of law-abiding New Mexicans. Enough is enough – it is time we stand for our rights and say no to more radical gun control measures. 

To address the gun violence epidemic, we must hold criminals accountable when they use a firearm and utilize the laws on the books today. 

Limited Government 

The Constitution clearly outlines what the government’s role is, but the current Congress is ignoring the document that governs our country. Dangerous government overreach and intrusion in our lives is unconstitutional and Jared will fight to limit the role and scope of government. 

Other Issues

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