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Middle-Income Tax Cut

Hardworking New Mexicans are feeling the pressure of increased costs of living and the demand on their dollar. It’s time we put New Mexico’s families first and reduce the burden on New Mexico’s families by offering a tax cut. 



Too many New Mexico families live in poverty. This is unacceptable and Jared understands it's time we address this challenge head on. To lift every New Mexican up, we must ensure we have a strong public education system, jobs for all, accessible mental health care, and tackle addiction at the core

Reducing Healthcare Costs

Insurance companies should compete for our business across state lines, cutting their costs while increasing quality and accessibility. Reducing the cost of healthcare will also ensure every American can have access to quality care, without the government dictating access. Americans should be able to choose their doctor and level of coverage because one-size-fits-all government mandates never work. 

We have a mental health crisis in America. As a member of Congress, Jared will champion mental health reform and ensure every New Mexican has access to care.

Other Issues

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